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Demis Roussos – Collected (2015)

CD Demis Roussos - Collected (2015)

Informações do CD:

Artista: Demis Roussos
Álbum: Collected
Gênero: Pop
Lançamento: 2015
Tamanho: 516 Mb
Qualidade: 320 Kbps
Formato: Mp3

Músicas no CD

01. Rain And Tears
02. End Of The World
03. I Want To Live
04. Marie Jolie
05. It’s Five O’Clock
06. Such A Funny Night
07. Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall
08. Babylon
09. The Four Horsemen
10. Hic Et Nunc
11. We Shall Dance
12. She Came Up From The North
13. Good Days Have Gone
14. I Know I’ll Do It Again
15. Fire And Ice
16. My Blue Ship’s A Sailing
17. O My Friends You’ve Been Untrue To Me
18. Ulysses


01. My Reason
02. When I Am A Kid
03. Forever And Ever
04. Velvet Mornings
05. Goodbye My Love Goodbye
06. My Friend The Wind
07. Lovely Lady Of Arcadia
08. Someday Somewhere
09. My Only Fascination
10. When Forever Has Gone
11. From Souvenirs To Souvenirs
12. Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun
13. Far Away
14. Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour
15. Lost In Love (feat. Florence Warner)
16. Follow Me
17. Island Of Love
18. Quand Je T’Aime
19. On #crit Sur Les Murs


01. A Flower’s All You Need
02. Margarita
03. I Dig You
04. Loving Arms
05. Sometimes When We Touch (Live at The Sydney Opera House)
06. If You Remember Me (Live at The Sydney Opera House)
07. Man Of The World
08. Miss You Nights
09. Race To The End
10. Lament
11. Love Me Tender
12. Planet Earth Is Blue
13. House Of The Rising Sun
14. Nature Boy
15. Prier
16. Mamy Blue
17. On My Own
18. Una Furtiva Lagrima


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